10 Fun Facts about Sex Toys

So, let’s talk about sex. We know it sells and we know it’s necessary to procreate, but it goes so much farther than that. It’s a primal urge that has fulfillment needs even if no one else is around to lend a hand. Lucky for us, sex toys are abundant.

 Lots of people of love for sex toys, so we put together some of the most impressive facts surrounding this age-old habit.

  1.  The first dildo is dated to 28,000 years old. It was found in a German cave, nicely polished and well-endowed at almost 8 inches. Like we said, sex is primal and never goes out of style.
  1. From Paris, with love. The Tremoussoir put dildos back on the map in 1734, but out of necessity rather than pleasure. The device was invented in order to treat women experiencing hysteria.
Bonus fact: hysteria was a condition that only afflicted women. Medieval treatment involved the removal of what they believed to be the source: the uterus. The modern term for this procedure, the hysterectomy, comes from the Greek root word for uterus.
  1. The vibrating dildo was one of the first household products that were electrified, predated only by the sewing machine, tea kettle, fan, and toaster. 
  1. Alabama bans the sale of sex toys. Really. The state of ‘Bam doesn’t approve of personal banging. Texas limits its residents to possession of up to 6 dildos or what they call “obscene items.”
These laws may seem restricting, but it’s not so bad in comparison to some other countries. India is the most populous country on the planet and sex toys are completely outlawed!
  1. Think you’re alone in your fetishes? Think again. Some studies suggest that one in three Americans own a vibrator, and over half of all Americans have used one. This is good news considering those who own vibrators are also more proactive in taking stock of their sexual health.
  1. Think you have the creme de la creme of sex toys? Think again. The Holy Grail of vibrators is a $55,000 personal play toy that is encrusted with 117 diamonds.
  1. Oprah gave the O-kay to sex toys in 2006 when she listed The Rabbit as “the Rolls Royce of Sex Toys” in her magazine O. Though it gained major popularity from Sex and the City, it was invented in Japan as a way around their laws prohibiting sex toys that replicate body parts.
  1. Surprise! Self-pleasure is good for your mood. Historically speaking, people turn to giving themselves some loving when times are hard. Sex toy retailers reported sales growth during the last recession. Even during times of economic hardship, people are making sure to spend their hard-earned-bucks on an orgasm investment.
  1. Married or not, you can still lust for yourself. In fact, married women are more than twice as likely to use personal pleasure devices.
  1. Women only? Not quite. The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that over 80% of women have brought their toy into bed with their men. We don’t think they really mind an extra bit of action.